Auction Co-Broker Declaration

 I will be bringing a buyer to your Real Estate auction to be held at:


 on the date of: _________________________________________________________. 

Buyer’s Name and Address: _____________________________
Agent’s Name: _____________________________
Agent’s Company:  _____________________________
Agent's Phone: _____________________________
My buyer’s opening bid is: _____________________________(required)
Buyer’s Signature:    _____________________________
Agent’s Signature:     _____________________________
Signed on this day: _____________________

Note: This form must be copied onto your company letterhead and faxed to us at least 24 hrs. prior to the auction date. Our fax number is 217-662-6899.  Contact us at 217-662-8644 for guidelines in completing this form and commission rate.  Lenhart Auction & Realty, 302 Mill St., Georgetown, IL 61846.